Enhancing Your Images through Post-Production

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Your product photoshoot may have been a hit—from props to composition, you may have nailed it. But however impressive your photographs are, you cannot escape the post-production stage, where the real magic happens! 

The little adjustments you make while sitting behind your monitor help bring out visual nuances, correct minor errors, and achieve consistency in your images. The ultimate result? Your product photographs appear more appealing to your audience, driving high engagement and sales. 

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How to enhance your photos during post-production?

You only need three things to start your editing workflow: RAW images, photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, and a color-calibrated monitor. Follow the below-mentioned steps after your product photoshoot and see instant results!  


Composition seems off? Shot in 4:3 but wish to change the aspect ratio to 1:1? Unnecessary elements in the background? The crop tool is your answer. By trimming your photograph, you can draw attention to the main product and create maximum impact. 


It’s unacceptable to leave your photographs with a crooked horizon—that’s something even untrained eyes can notice! Fortunately, it is possible to straighten your photos to ensure correct alignment if you miss the mark during the creative photoshoot. 


Exposure refers to the amount of light in your image. If your photograph is overexposed, it will appear too bright, washed out, and have lesser detailed highlights. On the other hand, an underexposed photo will be dark, dull, and have lesser detailed shadows. To achieve the correct exposure, you can try making the following adjustments and recover the details you could not capture during the product photoshoot: 

Exposure—to fix the overall light in the image. 

Highlights—to modify the brightest areas of your image. 

Shadows—to adjust the darkest parts of your image. 

White balance

The different lighting conditions during the creative photoshoot can influence the colors in your images. You can achieve color accuracy by setting the correct white balance in your camera or adjusting it during the post-processing stage. The usual WB modes include daylight, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent, flash, and shade. By choosing any of these settings, you can achieve desired lighting and color rendition for your images.

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Do your images appear flat and lifeless? Boosting the contrast slider towards the right can make all the difference! Increasing the contrast makes the dark areas darker and the light areas lighter, resulting in a clearer distinction between shadows and highlights. It can create a more dynamic, impactful, and three-dimensional-looking image.

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Adjusting the saturation can immediately boost the intensity of all the colors in your images. So if your photo mostly has muted colors, give the saturation slider a go! However, be careful with this tool—if overused, it can lead to an unnatural look. 


Compared to saturation, vibrance only amplifies the duller colors in the photograph. It is helpful if your images came out colorful after your creative photoshoot but need some enhancements. 


By adjusting the sharpening slider, you can give more clarity, crispness, and definition to the products in your photos.

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