The Art of Smartphone Product Photography: Tips and Tricks for Incredible Shots

Smartphone Product Photography

Good product photographs are undeniably essential for creating customer appeal and boosting sales. However, investing in a fancy product photoshoot may be out of the question if you are on a shoestring budget. We have a cost-effective and convenient solution that can still promise business success: your smartphone!

If you think smartphone product photography will not produce results as impressive as the DSLR, The G Story can turn around your opinion through this blog. Let’s go!

First up, tick all boxes on the equipment checklist

Whether you are doing luxury product photography or food photography, with a small one-time investment, you can gear up with the right tools for taking incredible shots of any type of product. If you wish to purchase only some of your equipment, several rental shops offer A-Z resources needed for smartphone product photography. You’ll need the following:

Smartphone: The key here is to use a good camera phone. We’re talking Google, iPhone, Samsung, and all those high-performance phones renowned for their exceptional camera features.

Lighting: You can use natural light when clicking product photos with a smartphone. Aside from the fact that sunlight is free, it can also give your photos an organic aesthetic. Another tip is to use reflectors to eliminate or soften the stark shadows when doing skin care photography.

Lightbox: If you are doing fashion & jewellery photography, your products are likely small. In that case, you can use a lightbox which is a specially designed box or enclosure that provides controlled lighting conditions.

Lenses: External lenses can take your smartphone product photography up a notch. For instance, a macro lens would be your best buy for food photography to capture close-up shots and get intricate details.

Tripod: To achieve sharp and consistent photos, stabilizing your phone during luxury product photography is crucial, especially in low-light conditions or when capturing long-exposure shots. The G Story recommends investing in a suitable tripod that aligns with the type of photographs you typically capture.

Wireless remote: While the tripod works wonders for stabilization for skincare photography or cosmetic photography, it’s worth taking extra precautions to prevent even the slightest shakes that could result in blurry photos. One way is to use the camera timer, but if you prefer to save time, get a wireless remote! They are inexpensive and allow you to trigger the camera without physical contact.

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Camera apps: If you find your default camera app limiting, many apps out there are compatible with Android and iOS. Manual controls, RAW shooting, and more customization options are benefits of using a third-party camera app.

Next, remember the do’s and don’t of smartphone product photography
Once you are well-equipped for luxury product photography or any other shoot, these tips will help you achieve high-quality product images!

Prepare your product for the photo shoot by considering the background, props, composition, and other essential aspects.
Clean your camera lenses before the photoshoot.
Set up your phone and lighting and avoid unnecessary movements to maintain consistency. Adjust the product’s position if you want to capture different perspectives.
Take multiple photos of your product from various angles to have a range of options for selection when doing cosmetic photography.
Edit your photos using a reliable editing app. Aim for consistency in the background and colors, and remove any blemishes or distractions.

Do not use digital zoom to avoid pixelated and lower-quality images.
Avoid using flash, which can lead to overexposure, unnatural colors, and unaesthetic results in food photography.
Refrain from using photo filters to provide an accurate representation of your products.

Find inspiration for your product photoshoot
The G Story vouches for these smartphone photography tips and tricks. So, stop thinking about your budget and start clicking already. Explore our extensive portfolio if you need more inspiration for your skincare photography or any other product photoshoot.