our services

Creative Conceptualization

From conceptualization to execution, our process involves extensive research and brainstorming to find the right product-story fit for your brand. Our bottom-up approach includes everything from learning your product’s value proposition to understanding your brand approach before we even draw up mood-boards.

In-House Production Team

We aim to provide you with a curated one-stop solution which is why we take pride in owning an ever-increasing inventory of props that go in styling every shot. Our collection of customised backgrounds, exotic form of rocks and sand, lifestyle products, paper art, aquariums, fashion, etc. makes for stunning props as your product takes the centre stage. And the best part? It helps us optimise overhead costs for you!

Creative Direction

This is the stage where we make magic happen by taking your mood board from virtual to real. Our photo stylists with immense experience in creative direction make the products and props narrate a visual story with the help of life hacks we have cracked over time.

Professional Shooting

We are obsessed with playing with lights, shadows and reflections to create the perfect assets for you brand. Our advanced professional mirrorless cameras, continuous LED professional lights and super skilled DOPs on board, allows us to deliver exactly what we promise.

Post Production Editing

This is the final and most crucial step in our process. Our in-house team of digital editors are besotted with final touch ups, colour-correction and product enhancement to create assets that come alive to make your product stand out. We understand your brand is your baby, just like The G Story is ours, which is why our team is dedicated to bouncing of ideas and incorporating your feedback in every-step of the process.