Mastering Minimalism: Utilizing Negative Space to Elevate Product Styling

minimalist product styling

Product styling is not about using a zillion props to make your products stand out. A stark opposite strategy, minimalism, could catch the eye of more people than you could imagine! Minimalism is all about decluttering and using the bare minimum to create simple yet effective compositions. 

At The G Story, we have some of the best product stylists in Mumbai who have broken down how you can master the art of minimalism and produce a jaw-dropping display of product imagery! 

How to use minimalism in product styling?

The more simple a minimalist product photograph looks, the more challenging it is to create. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of minimalist photography with the following product styling tips:

Less is more: Nothing encapsulates the essence of minimalism quite like this phrase. The fewer elements used, the more impactful the photograph will be. You can effectively direct the viewer’s attention towards the product by eliminating background clutter and distractions.

Negative space: Negative space is the surrounding empty area and how you use it to enhance the subject. If you keep the frame too tight and try to photograph the subject up close, it will leave little room for mood setting and storytelling. So, as per the rule, your composition should strike a balance between 80% negative space (background) and 20% positive space (product).

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  • Background: Minimalist product styling aims to achieve simplicity in every aspect. So, when choosing backgrounds for your photoshoot, keep them as plain as possible. If it sounds too boring to you, the next few product styling tips concentrate on design elements you can use to make your minimalist photographs exciting and fun.
  • Colors: As a product stylist, you need to be a master of color schemes and their ability to evoke emotions and feelings. While the simplest way to give the product center stage is to use a plain white or black background, there are umpteen other ways to go about it, such as monochromatic and complementary color palettes.
  • Light and shadows: You can use lighting to create a play of lights and shadows and weave a meaningful visual narrative or craft metaphors. For instance, imagine a product styling project for sunscreen. You can cast a soft shadow of a coconut leaf on the product, symbolizing adequate sun protection.
  • Lines and shapes: How you place your products can create various guiding lines, influencing the viewer’s attention. Repetitive patterns lead to symmetrical compositions, giving an aesthetically pleasing look and feel, whereas curves and organic shapes can add elegance and fluidity to the image.
  • Composition: Composition is arranging and harmonizing all the photography elements. You must also pay attention to the camera angles you choose. Ultimately, whatever you do, your aim should be to make the product the star of the show and get the attention it deserves.
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Is product styling a good career in India?

With small to large e-commerce businesses emerging every other day in India, the competition to secure a top position in the market is becoming increasingly intense. Every brand wants to connect with its target audiences, and a pivotal strategy in achieving that is creating a killer product showcase.

It is where product stylists come into play since they possess the knack to understand brands in-depth and curate a photography style guide unique to their needs. So, if you are considering a career in product styling, we suggest taking the leap!

Find the best product stylist in Mumbai

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