Lens on Adventure: Tales of Travel Photography

Travel Photography

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As an enthusiastic photographer, you always seek something new to capture through your lens. And what’s a more opportune time to do that than when on a journey? You never know what will pique your interest—picturesque landscapes, delicious food at a cozy cafe, or children playing on the street.
So, if you wish to take your lens on an adventure, The G Story knows the tips and tricks to help you fill up an album full of stunning photos!

Types of photography you can do while traveling

1. Food photography

What’s Mumbai without vada pav, Tokyo without sushi and Paris without croissants? The point is food is the soul of any place. Local restaurants, street food stalls, and neighborhood markets make great spots for capturing food stories! Pro tip: a good food photograph should be able to tantalize your viewer’s taste buds!

2. Lifestyle photography

Holidaying with your family and friends is the best time to capture candid solo, couple, and group shots. Everyone looks and feels their best and is enthusiastic about being photographed. Whether it’s the serene beaches of Pondicherry or the colorful lanes of Fontainhas in Goa, every destination offers unique backdrops for a fun lifestyle photoshoot.

3. Fashion photography

Like creative lifestyle photography, fashion photography is a genre worth exploring when on the go, especially if you’re into traditional clothing and accessories associated with the geography or history of a particular region. You can rent or buy these garments and scout for the best locations, including popular tourist spots and hidden gems for your fashion shoot. Secondly, in a cosmopolitan city like Goa or Kochi, you can carry your own outfits, accessories, and props that align with the destination’s vibe.

4. Street photography

The local streets are the heartbeat of any city. It’s the best place to meet, interact, and document the local people immersed in their everyday life. The hardworking street vendors, children on their bicycles, beautiful women laughing—in every nook and cranny, you will find a new visual story waiting to be captured.

5. Landscape photography

If you are in a destination closer to nature, you will probably have an irresistible urge to capture the breathtaking views surrounding you. Sunrise, sunsets, starry nights, mountains, waterfalls, oceans, grasslands, flower fields—nature presents never-ending beauty for our inspiration. Being able to capture the sheer vastness, vivid hues, and unique textures in your panoramas is the ultimate test of your skills. Hint: they make great backgrounds for lifestyle photoshoots as well.

6. Architecture photography

This photography genre stretches across all human-made marvels, including skyscrapers, houses, bridges, churches, museums, monuments, palaces, and temples. It poses a unique challenge since you cannot shift your subject nor control the lighting or weather conditions. Focus on the play of lines, patterns, shapes, shadows, reflections, and other background elements surrounding the architecture.

Valuable tips and tricks for travel photography

Before you start packing your photography gear, The G Story has a concluding piece of advice:
Research: Whether you are planning to do lifestyle photography or food photography, it is always better to look up your travel destination and make notes of the spots you want to visit for photography.
Gear up right and light: Decide the type of photography you will do and pack your photography essentials accordingly.
Plan photo walks: Dedicate time to your photography endeavors, even if you are traveling in a group. And remember to take advantage of the magic hours!
Follow the rules: Photography is not appreciated everywhere, so remember to respect the locals, take consent, and back off when needed.