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What is Creative Conceptualization?

Whether it’s creative product photography or content creation, brands can either have a clear vision or be completely lost. That’s where our full-service creative content agency comes in.

With in-house strategy and creative teams, we can help brands identify a creative direction that aligns with their product, brand, or campaign. Our approach involves an in-depth analysis of the brand’s values and goals to ensure that our output, whether it’s creative skincare product photography or video production, is tailored to their unique needs.

As a digital content creation agency and one of the best content creation agencies in Mumbai, our expertise spans across various industries, making us a versatile and reliable content creation marketing agency.

What We Do?

When it comes to product photography for skincare or any other industry, finding the best product stylist can make all the difference. In Mumbai, The G Story stands out as the go-to creative partner for brands looking to create compelling content. Unlike a traditional production agency or photo production house, we work systematically to generate ideas, concepts, and creative directions that align with the brand’s vision and campaign objectives.

Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of the brand, their products, and their customers to identify potential directions for the product shoot or video production service. We then present these options to the brand, outlining the pros and cons of each concept to help them make an informed decision. Whether it’s a cosmetic product shoot or creative skincare product photography, we strive to deliver exceptional results that help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

This service also helps brands avoid extra costs they would have to spend on creative agencies thus minimizing the overall spends.

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Are unsold magazines sent back to the publisher?

We usually sell all copies of the magazines offered in our shop. Some publishers and distributors offer the retailer the option of returning any unsold magazines. However, because our range includes magazines from countries such as Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom, sending them back would involve considerable effort in terms of logistics and would also be very expensive. We therefore choose not to return any unsold magazines. At the same time, this allows us to also offer our customers older or out-of-print magazines.

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Yes, if you orderd with “Swiss Post Priority” or “DHL Express” shipping method you can track your order here. Please enter the tracking number you have received in your shipping confirmation E-mail. We always recommend to choose a shipping method with tracking details to make sure that your order will arrive without any problems.

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The shipping costs are based on the size, weight and delivery time (economy and priority) of the shipment. We charge the general shipping costs of Swiss Post, plus a little bit extra for packaging. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping an item can be almost as much as the magazine’s value in some cases. “Swiss Post Priority” shipping is faster than the economy option and includes also a tracking number.