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The Production team brings a product photoshoot to life, making the creative idea a reality. Collaborating closely with the creative team, we play a vital role in bringing ideas to fruition. Our responsibilities encompass comprehending the project, selecting vendors, managing budgets, negotiating agreements, solidifying partnerships, procuring props, talent, and locations, as well as overseeing the smooth execution of the shoots on set.

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The realm of Production team encompasses a multitude of responsibilities aimed at bringing imagination to life, while adhering to the client’s budget and surpassing quality expectations. As a result, our clients can enjoy the advantages of timely execution without delays, a sense of assurance that they will not incur any additional costs beyond their commitment, and a superior quality end product.

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How does the Production team comprehend the project?

The Creative Team serves as the primary source of guidance for the production team, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the project. This understanding encompasses various aspects:


  • Objectives and goals: The production team grasps the intended outcomes and aims of the project.
  • Timeline and budget:  The team is aware of the project's schedule and financial resources.
  • Risks and challenges:  They acknowledge potential obstacles and difficulties that may arise.
  • Dependencies on other teams and resources: They consider the reliance on external factors.

To gain a thorough comprehension of the project, the production team employs a combination of methods, including:


  • Scrutinizing project documentation: They thoroughly study materials such as project decks, scopes of work, and project plans.
  • Active participation in project meetings: They attend meetings to stay updated and contribute effectively.
  • Engaging with the creative manager and stakeholders: They communicate with key individuals to gather insights and align expectations.
  • Reviewing the shot list: The team examines the detailed list of planned shots for the production.
  • Evaluating logistical aspects: They assess logistical requirements and arrangements.

Once the Production Team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the project, they can initiate the planning and execution of production activities, thereby breathing life into the project. This expertise extends to various areas, including video production services, photo production houses, video production agencies, production agencies in Mumbai, as well as video and photography services in Mumbai.

What is the process of selecting vendors for a product photoshoot?

Once the Production Team gains a thorough understanding of the projects, they create a checklist outlining the requirements. The selection of vendors may vary depending on the specific project. The production team typically follows the following process:


  • Defining requirements: The team clearly outlines the artistic and prop-related needs, backgrounds, ingredients, talents, and more.
  • Vendor selection: They reach out to relevant vendors from their existing database or conduct research to identify new vendors that align with the project's requirements. This includes considering production houses in Mumbai and product photography studios.
  • Quotation comparison:  The production team collects quotations from multiple vendors, comparing prices and the range of product offerings or services provided.
  • Negotiation and scoping:  They negotiate with the vendors, finalizing the scope of work and reaching agreements on deliverables, timelines, and any other relevant terms.
  • Order confirmation: The team makes a decision and confirms the order or project with the selected vendors, including production houses in Mumbai and product photography studios.
  • Timely delivery: The Production Team ensures that services, props, ingredients, backgrounds, etc., are delivered on time, closely monitoring the process to meet project deadlines.

This robust process enables the Production Team to meticulously plan, fulfill, and deliver the pre-production requirements for any project. It involves leveraging production houses in Mumbai and product photography studios, among other relevant vendors, to ensure a seamless execution.

What are the responsibilities of the Production team in bringing ideas to fruition?

Research is a very crucial part of CC because whatever we offer to the client has to be exclusive and special. So going deep into the brand, product, ingredients, competition, market, consumer, and demographics give us that valuable insight into what can be done next. Without research we cannot do anything special, out of the ordinary.


  • Pre-production: The production team takes charge of meticulous planning and preparation before the cameras start rolling. This entails securing locations, onboarding the cast and crew, and coordinating logistics related to arts, props, backgrounds, etc.
  • On-set management:  The production team oversees the smooth day-to-day operations of the shoot. They arrange for equipment, manage the crew, and ensure that the shoot progresses according to schedule and budget.


The production team's contributions are integral to the shoot process. Certain skills and qualities are essential for every member of the production team, including:


  • Organizational skills: The team must effectively track numerous details and ensure seamless operations.
  • Communication skills: They need to communicate proficiently with the Creative Team, the cast and crew, and other key stakeholders.
  • Teamwork skills: Collaboration within the team is crucial for successful execution.
  • Creative and problem-solving abilities:  The production team must exhibit creativity as unexpected challenges are bound to arise during shoots. Quick thinking and creative problem-solving skills are vital to overcome such hurdles.

These attributes are particularly valuable in the context of production houses in Mumbai, product photoshoots, product photography in Mumbai, as well as photo and videography services in Mumbai. The production team's proficiency in these areas ensures the effective realization of projects and the delivery of exceptional results.

For which brands have you worked with?

Estée Lauder Companies (Estée Lauder, Mac Cosmetics, Clinique, Smashbox, Aveda), Hindustan Unilever Limited (Lakme, Ponds, Dove, Simple, Tresemme, Love Beauty & Planet, Glow & Lovely, Baby Dove, AXE, Acne Squad, St.Ives, Sun Silk, Vaseline), Lovechild by Masaba, Nivea, Schwarzkopf, Titan Skinn, L'Oreal, Dot & Key, Bombay Shaving Co., Shoppers Stop (SS Beauty), Earth Rhythm, Sebamed, Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif, Plum Goodness, Plum Body Lovin’, Orimii, Shanzay Jewellery, Prerto Jewellery, MyNykaa, Nykaa Beauty, Nykaa Luxe, Parcos, Anita Dongre, Payal Singhal, VU Technologies, Kama Ayurveda, Ajmal Perfumes, Godrej Professionals, My Glamm, Baby Chakra, The Face Shop, Olay, Gillette Venus, Oziva, Cello, Nature’s Island, Disguise Cosmetics, AA Living, Le 15 Patisserie, Royce Chocolate, Mag Street Bread Co, Le15, NOTO Ice creams, Layer’r Wottagirl, Heyday, Fingers & many more.

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